Best Used Cars for Families

If you have a family, you need a car that can move all of you, but you also need a car that makes safety a big priority. We’ve worked hard to compile a list of great used cars that we think are perfect for families in need of a car. Whether you’re starting a family and it is time to trade in your coupe, or your family is getting a little bigger, having the right car for your family is important, and we’re here to help. Take a look at these used cars that are perfect for families and maybe you’ll see a model on our list that sounds like the perfect fit for you and yours. We hope you enjoy this blog, and hope it provides value to you on your search for a used car to move the entire family!

Toyota Sienna 

The first thing to know about the Sienna is that it is very spacious. If you have a big family, you can’t go wrong with the Toyota Sienna. It can seat up to eight people, and it has a ton of cargo space so it is the perfect car to take your kids and their friends to school or practice in. The Sienna is comfortable and made with the same reliability and fuel-efficiency that has made Toyota a very successful car manufacturer. To top it all off, the Toyota Sienna is packed full of safety features because Toyota knows that the most precious people in your life will be riding in your minivan, and nothing is more important than their safety. 

Honda Odyssey 

The Honda Odyssey is a cool minivan. It has the capability to carry a ton of passengers with third-row seating and there is a bunch of cargo space to boot. The Odyssey is the family van that not only looks good, but it holds its value better than other minivans in its class. This makes it the perfect used car for families. It is very reliable for years and years, has the space for your entire family, and it looks good doing it. The Odyssey is very efficient for its size boasting over 20 mpg, and it comes with a rear entertainment system to keep all of your passengers entertained even on the long drives. 

Kia Sedona 

What Kia prioritized with the Sedona is comfort. It offers a very smooth and quiet ride and a spacious cabin so nobody feels cramped and crowded. With any minivan one of the biggest things to look for is safety rating, and the Sedona gets top safety ratings in all categories. The cool thing about the Kia Sedona is that there are a ton of trim options, and if you choose the basic package, it is one of, if not the most affordable minivan on this list. If you’re a first time minivan buyer, this may be a great place to start for you especially if your family is getting bigger. 

Nissan Quest 

This is the last minivan on our list. The Quest differs from the competition on this list in one major way, it is slim and sleek. It suffers in seating as a result and can only seat a max of seven people where other vans can seat eight, but it has a luxurious interior. As a result of a sleeker design the Nissan Quest gets incredible gas mileage for a minivan, especially on the highway where it gets a whopping 27 mpg. The Quest has a ton of cargo space discreetly hidden throughout the interior so you don’t have to sacrifice leg room for storage. If you’re not ready to feel like you’re driving a minivan, the Nissan Quest is a good choice. 

Subaru Outback  

The Subaru Outback is where station wagon meets SUV. Except that the Subaru Outback is a lot more than just a wagon or SUV. The Outback is perfect for smaller families. It won’t seat up to eight like some of the minivans, but it does have a spacious interior. It performs well in all terrains and weather conditions with standard all-wheel drive. The Subaru Outback also does really well in crash tests, and is always near the top when it comes to safety ratings. If you’re an outdoorsy family that wants to go on a lot of trips, the Subaru Outback is the perfect car for you! It has space for everyone, it outperforms any other car on this list, and it is priced reasonably! 

Chevrolet Traverse 

Do you want an SUV that can hold up to eight passengers? The Chevrolet Traverse is your pick then. This car is a beautiful blend between SUV, truck, and minivan. It gives you the size, fuel efficiency, and performance features that make all three of those types of car popular with families. The Chevrolet Traverse is the prototypical SUV crossover, and if you’re a family that doesn’t want a minivan but would love to carry eight passengers, you won’t find a better car on the market than the Chevrolet Traverse. 

Toyota RAV4

The fuel efficiency, safety features, and durability of the RAV4 are what make it great for families. You won’t be able to pack in eight passengers, but if you have a small family this could be the perfect SUV for you. The Toyota RAV4 competes with the best SUVs on the market and outshines them. You’d be hard pressed to find a better family car for a family of four than the RAV4. 

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